Top 9 Favorite Themes for eCommerce Shopify Stores

Shopify is an incredibly powerful tool for any business, but it is the secret weapon of the modern ecommerce start-up or small business.

Websites that used to costs tens of thousands of dollars can now be purchased for hundreds. The costs are being shared across many users, which creates access for anyone to professional websites.

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Picking the right website is just as important as saying the right things! So, we figured we share with you some of our current favorites that Shopify has to offer.

We focused on 9 themes in a variety of industries and demographics. Enjoy!

Theme #1: Flow

Recommended for clothing and lifestyle brands and/or boutiques looking for a clean, minimalist style with a broad appeal.                                                   

With a few awesome hero shots and your product photography, you will have everything you need to have a world-class ecommerce store for your brand.

Demo here

Theme #2: Masonry

Recommended for clothing brands with a modern asthetic. This could be perfect for a higher-end kids clothing line or a modern women’s boutique.

Demo here

Theme #3: Palo Alto

Recommended for clothing or consumer products brands focused on an outdoorsy or environmentally friendly brand position. The clean lines and approachable fonts make it a perfect fit for that Pacific Northwest vibe.

Demo here

Theme #4: District

Recommended for an urban-centric brand with a little edge or character. The layout lends itself to a broad number of collections on the site and features on the homepage. Show-off those amazing products!

Demo here

Theme #5: Handy

Recommended for a skincare or beauty line with an elegant and elevated brand positioning. This would also partner well with holistic and natural products going after the higher-end of the market.

Demo here

Theme #6: Pipeline

Recommended for a men’s grooming line focused on soap, grooming, etc. Guys spend way more than you would think on their grooming routines and this is an awesome site for your products!

Demo here

Theme #7: Envy

Recommended for a women’s beauty, cosmetics or grooming line with a little flare and personality. This site does an awesome job of showcasing your products and brand personality.

Demo here

Theme #8: Startup

Recommended for a startup or company with a hero product such as mattresses, air purifiers, home speakers, etc. This website gives you the space and structure for unpacking product benefits, showing validators and highlighting the product in lifestyle settings.

Demo here

Theme #9: Launch

Recommended for a physical product with a tech focus or inspiration such as security, connected devices, etc. Spend time showing off the lifestyle or your brand while unpacking your product features.

Demo here

Hopefully, these themes gave you some inspiration as you work to build your new ecommerce store.

If you’re ready for support with your messaging and site structure, then check out our Brand Workshop as well!

Good luck!